shit boy shit! SHIT!!!!!!!!!!! THE PRINCE IS HERE!!!!!!!


shit boy shit! SHIT!!!!!!!!!!! THE PRINCE IS HERE!!!!!!!


"What do you see in this world that lets you cope?"


How to (not) protect you and your beloved from the rain with your school blazer.

college au caejose :>

Caesar’s eye twitches as Joseph makes obnoxious sounds at pigeons, making the girls that had been walking their way laugh and walk the other way.

"What are you doing?!" The Italian exchange student asks the muscular business student. 

"Bird calling! Look how cute these pigeons are!"

Caesar stares blankly at Joseph a few seconds before sitting back down and burring his face in his hands, unable to believe that this was the man he had to have a crush on.


I hope you don’t mind a brotherly/guardian thing instead of romantic! 

✫ fic: Magic!AU

To be honest, Marco wasn’t completely shocked when Ace got the acceptance letter into Hogwarts. 

There had been a few instances of accidental magic since the eleven year old had come into his custody six years ago after he had been orphaned. Ace, however, never vocally stated his curiosity at the things that he had accidentally done. 

The phoenix animagus stands at the dinner table, reading over Ace’s shoulder. McGonagall sure had added a lot of new material to the first year syllabus than what he remembered. 

"A wizard?" Ace breathes, his brown eyes wide. "Is this a joke?"

"Not at all, yoi." Marco confirms, leaning on the wall. 

Ace looks up from his letter to his guardian, obviously questioning. “Do you know about this?”

"Yeah, I’m a wizard too, you know."

"WHAT?!" Ace says, jumping out of his chair. "REALLY?!" 

"Yes. I don’t really care for using my magic unless I need it, yoi. I figured you’d be a wizard too." 

"Why didn’t you tell me if you knew?!" Ace says, a little dumbfounded but not angry.

"You never asked."

Ace stares at Marco and looks extremely tired. “You… That’s stupid.” 

"Says the boy who never asked."


"We should probably go to Diagon Alley in the morning, yoi. There’s a lot we need to get you." 

"Diagon Alley?" 

"It’s a wizard shopping center basically."

"Are you sure this isn’t just some joke? Are you and Thatch planning to take me to the dentist or something?”

"No, Ace. We probably should before you leave though. Also, Thatch is a wizard too, yoi. Nearly everyone in the gang is, but you know Oyaji, yoi. He doesn’t discriminate against muggles or squibs?"

"Muggle? Squib?" 

"Non-magic people. Squib’s are people who are born from magically families but have no magical powers themselves, yoi." 

"Oh… Can you maybe.. Show me some magic then, Marco? Please?" Ace says, turning a bit shy. Marco can see that the boy doesn’t completely believe him so he takes out his wand, points it at the empty bowls on the table and clearly says Wingardium Leviosa.

Marco can honestly say that he’s never see the boy as amazed as he is when the bowls start floating around the room. He decides to show Ace a few more spells, just because.